Essential Peruvian Cuisine

Peru is a country well-known not only for one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu, but also for its diverse and delicious cuisine. Peruvian food became famous mainly thanks to the immigrant traditions. Since there are a lot of Spanish, Chinese and Japanese people living in Peru, they all brought their own traditions which later influenced the whole culture of Peru and its cuisine as well. That’s the traditional food which can be easily found in Peru:

  • Peruvian Roasted Chicken: The chicken is cooked with canola oil, vinegar, paprika, garlic powder and cumin. This great recipe has become so hugely popular that now it is also cooked along the East Coast of the United States.
  • Papa a la Huancaina: The main ingredient is potatoes. They are boiled, sliced and then covered with yellow sauce. You will most likely find this yellowish dish with a piece of hard-boiled egg and olives on top of it.
  • Peruvian Steak, Rice & Beans: It’s a usual steak with rice and beans but with an egg on top. It tasty and easy to cook.
  • Classic Peruvian Ceviche: The recipe is believed to be borrowed from Spanish cuisine. Ceviche is a raw fish cooked in a lime juice. The difference is that in Spain it is a vinegar-marinated dish.
  • El Chifa:El Chifa appeared only thanks to Chinese cuisine and represents a typical Chinese main course, a usual pile of rice with vegetables.
  • Cuy: Now Peruvian cuisine may even scare you a little bit. In South America the guinea pig is called a cuy. In the restaurants it is usually cut into pieces but it can also be seen as entire grilled animal is served on a plate. The only question is how would you like your guinea pig served? So be careful if you see something unfamiliar on the menu.

The only thing you should be aware of is that the food in Peru is generally much spicier as the one you may be used to. Besides its main courses Peruvian cuisine also boasts of its quite unique and pretty tasty desserts:

  • Maná: It is an unusual candy similar to marzipan, a very Peruvian treat. It has a beautiful golden color and is often fruit-shaped, like marzipan.
  • Lucuma: Peru has a large production of lucuma fruit. And they are usually used in different kinds of dessert; for all sweet tooth lucuma ice-cream is a must!
  • Mazamorra Morada:It is a pudding-like dessert that gets its purple color from purple corn. Is very often spiced with cinnamon.
  • Alfajorez: Caramel sandwich cookies. Each region of South America has its own version and they come in all shapes and flavors.
  • Arroz con Leche: It is a rice pudding with raisins andcinnamon. Such rice puddings can be found in each corner of the world. In Dutch folklore for example, the rice pudding is given to people who go to heaven and it is eaten with a golden spoon. In Peru however it is just a tasty dessert.

The country is a real paradise for good food lovers. There is a wide range of restaurants in Peru where you may try anything from this list. And don’t forget to try its beverages! Since Peru is a producer of Pisco, a grape distilled brandy; there are a great number of cocktails to try. Your visit to Peru will not be complete without some pisco cocktails. Pisco sour and Chilcano de Pisco are probably the most popular ones.