Tips for Making Your Airport Experience Smoother

During the holiday seasons, the airport gets very busy with people travelling to different destinations all over the world. With people trying to get to different places in the safest most convenient way possible, the airports can end up being thronged by numerous travelers. Airports can be a source of frustration for anyone travelling during the holiday season. From cancelled flights or delayed flights to lost luggage and long queues, the airport can be a very hectic jungle especially during the peak times.


One may think that travelling with the best airlines is hassle free, this is not exactly right. While they may offer excellent services on the plane, the numerous travelers make it harder to provide an excellent travelling experience. However, one should not be afraid of travelling over the holidays. Below are some tips to lessen the hassle experienced in most airports.

1.       Park in economy lots

With the continuous expansion of airports to meet the demands of the travellers, many enterprises are creating relatively cheaper parking lots off the airports. These parking lots are significantly low priced and serve well the budget conscious traveller. The economy lots tend to fill up quickly during the peak travel seasons therefore it is advisable to arrive early in order to beat the demand from many travelers and save money. Economy lots are favorable for people travelling for several days and can save several days’ worth of parking fees. Create up to 20-30 minutes extra time to get to these parking lots and enjoy the airport experience

2.       Pack light

When travelling, most people make a mistake of carrying too much luggage. This is very cumbersome and can totally ruin the travelling experience for anyone. Apart from that, the luggage fees are unnecessary and there is also the risk of losing your luggage. Packing light has many advantages as it allows you to move easily in case of flight changes. A lot of time is wasted at the check in points with the aviation security scrutinizing the numerous bags. Save yourself the hassle and pack only the essential utilities.

3.       Flexibility and punctuality

When at the airport, be quick and alert this is especially relevant when you need to change flights and have to move quickly through security. Have at hand your boarding pass and valid government ID or passport. Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to slip on or off. Carry your electronic items to be used during the flight such as cell phones and music players in a carry-on bag as it is easier to access.

4.       Save on cost

Purchase cheap plane tickets as this saves a lot of travel money. Some airlines charge exceptionally high in the name of excellent service and food. You do not have to eat on the plane especially if the flight is short enough, that money can be used later during the trip. Instead, carry some light snacks or a book to read and keep busy. If using taxis be wary of those that charge exorbitant prices after learning that you are visiting the place for the first time. If you are driving yourself to the airport, start the journey early enough to avoid traffic and the costs associated with it.


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