Top 5 reasons to stay in a UK Holiday Cottage

Cottage holidays in the UK have never been more popular and it’s so easy to see why. They provide perfect family breaks with the fun and flexibility that family holidays are all about. Here are the top 5 reasons to book a holiday cottage:

Lake District

1. Enough space for everyone

There’s nothing worse than all of the family being crammed into one hotel room. A holiday cottage gives everyone enough space to relax and make the most of the holiday. Not confined to a hotel room, the children can enjoy playing in the garden, or mum and dad can watch a film in the lounge when the kids are in bed. And just because you’re staying in a cottage, you can still have that touch of luxury that you deserve when on holiday. Whether you fancy a luxurious four poster bed or a hot tub to relax in after a long day or just couldn’t do without a dishwasher, a cottage holiday really can have it all.

2. Bring the pets too

Fed up of saying goodbye to your beloved pets at the kennels? The great thing about cottage holidays is that your pets can come on holiday too! Many properties have enclosed gardens for dogs to enjoy and you can make the most of your holiday safe in the knowledge your beloved four legged friend is happy. There are many pet friendly cottages so you are sure to have plenty to choose from.

3. Try something different

Its often not just traditional cottages that are on offer, with almost every type of accommodation imaginable, there is sure to be something to tickle your fancy. From modern apartments with all the mod cons to log cabins with hot tubs, cottages on working farms and even secluded yurts, a cottage holiday is a chance to try something new. Alternatively, if there is a large group of you wanting to get away together, a large cottage or duplex of properties could be the answer.

4. Self-catering is great!

Going self-catering also gives you loads of new culinary options! Cook up some locally produced food in your own kitchen. Or, when you don’t fancy cooking, a trip to the local pub is a great treat. What could be better than a pint of locally brewed ale enjoyed with a delicious pub meal?

5. Come and go as you like

A holiday cottage gives you the ultimate flexibility! Without the worry and hassle of flying, a cottage holiday means you can set off when it’s convenient and arrive in your own time. Whether you wish to stay for just a couple of days or want to relax for a week or longer, there is sure to be a cottage for you!

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