Exploring exotic Mexico – Things to see and do

In many respects, Mexico is one of most popular destinations where every type of holidaymaker is catered for. Sun seekers have vast stretches of beautiful coastline to take advantage of, the culture vultures can explore fascinating historical sites, while nature lovers are given the opportunity to traverse over some stunning terrain.

All the while, visitors to this remarkable country benefit from a climate and cuisine that shares the same characteristics as Mexico’s warm and passionate people. So, if this sounds like your kind of place, here are some examples of what you can do.

Visit archaeological sites

archaeological sites
archaeological sites

On the Yucatán Peninsula and in southeast Mexico, descendants of the Mayan civilisation are incredibly proud of their roots and archaeological evidence of this captivating period of history can still be found. The most famous is ChichénItzá, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

While there are plenty of monuments, plazas and temples to marvel at, the main attraction is the Kukulkan, an imposing and impressive 365-stepped pyramid. Every spring and autumn equinox, a shadow of the Kukulkan snake can be seen going up the steps.

Embrace the great outdoors

Away from the holiday resorts and bustling cities, you’ll find endless landscapes packed full of breathtaking natural beauty. From rocky mountain ranges overlooking expansive deserts to extensive jungles laden with incredible wildlife, there is no excuse for not embracing the great outdoors.

Excursions include speeding through mangrove swamps on a boat, hiking in one of Mexico’s national parks or quad biking along rainforest paths. The choice is yours.

Sample the cuisine

Mexican food is famous the world over and even if you have sampled dishes such as quesadillas and tamales before, nothing will prepare you for the sensational flavours of the country’s authentic fare.

If you want to try something you’ve never eaten before, sample one of the regional specialities. CabritoAsado (roasted kid goat) can be found in the north of the country and is typically served on a bed of sizzling onions and cowboy beans. Alternatively, CochinitaPibil is Yucatán’s signature dish and comprises of marinated suckling pig wrapped in banana leaves.

Enjoy the beaches

Owing to the fact that Mexico’s coastline is awash with stunning beaches, simply relaxing on a sun lounger while looking out at the heavenly ocean is the perfect pastime for most people.

What’s more, there is no bad time of year to visit, as balmy yearlong climes can be enjoyed on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides of the country. Cancun boasts the biggest personality of Mexico’s beach resorts, but peace and exclusivity can be found in Playacar.

For these reasons, it is little wonder why Mexico holidays are so popular with every type of tourist and traveller looking for the right mix of relaxation and adventure. The only drawback is struggling to fit it all in.

Image by Son of Groucho, used under the Creative Commons license.

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