Buenos Aires Argentina, All The Way!

The American south, with its rich cultural significance and picturesque sceneries has been one of the most desired destinations for tourists around the world. Connoisseurs of beauty have sought after a little bit of Argentina lovin’ because of its varied and bountiful assets. Argentina is home to not only the panoramic high and low regions […]

Zagreb – Croatia, a Crossroads for Eastern Europe

The city of Zagreb, capital of the Republic of Croatia, assumes a major role and acts as a crossroads for the Eastern European Communities.   It is strategically located on the Adriatic Sea, and shares borders with seven other countries making it a melting pot of interesting people and charming cultures. People are attracted to Croatia […]

Warsaw – Poland as a phoenix has risen

The story of Warsaw is truly a remarkable one, as it is a city that greatly suffered during the Second World War with over 80% of its buildings being bombarded. This could have been the end of a beautiful city, but a way was found to overcome the destruction and the city was reborn into […]

Brussels, Belgium a small country but a grandiose city

Yes, Belgium is not renowned for its size, but is known for the quality of its attractions… Brussels, the Capital of Belgium, is one of those fabulous cities where an indescribable amount of activities are happening every day. Culturally, Brussels is a very open city and all nationalities are represented here, but at the same […]

Austria: A Great Place to Learn to Ski

While it may seem a little daunting, with all that heavy and awkward equipment, such as skis, goggles, boots and warm clothing, skiing can actually be a lot easier to learn than you might think. Austria is a popular ski holiday destination for skiers of all ages and abilities since the early 20th century, and […]

Bucharest A Dynamic Evolving City Surrounded By Intrigue

Bucharest, Romania is a city with many recent changes. Jumping in population from 282,000 in the 1900’s to over 2,000,000, it currently abounds with culturally enlightening characteristics. Travelers apprehensive about the climate are needlessly so, since Romania actually has moderate temperatures. During spring, the climate is comfortably warm, with just enough freshness to be agreeable.  […]

Key West Scuba Diving

Why Key Largo is better than Key West for Scuba Diving

Key Largo, Florida is the first of the many Florida Keys and often overlooked by tourists. Perhaps it is because of the news media and Hollywood productions that highlight Key West more than Key Largo, but everyone thinks that Key West is the place to go for diving. There are certainly lots of reasons to […]

The Riverwalk san antonio

Visiting San Antonio – You Can See More Than The Alamo

San Antonio, Texas is known first and foremost for the Alamo. The Battle of the Alamo, which occurred in 1836, was an important event in Texas history. In fact, the Texas army was able to defeat the Mexican army due to the Battle of the Alamo. It was a fight that ended in Crockett, Bowie, […]

Science World

Vancouver, BC – When to Go and What to See

Vancouver, British Columbia is a city filled with history, beauty, and activities for all ages. Whether you wish to take a tour of the city by horse drawn carriage or a harbor cruise to get a different perspective, you can. For your holiday to Vancouver, it is important to plan correctly. Vancouver’s northwestern location makes […]

Wyland Whaling Walls

Touring the US to See Wyland Whaling Walls

For years Wyland has been a well-known name in the USA, with regards to ocean inspired art. Wyland is an environmentalist, and scuba diver. Before he began his artistic endeavors, Wyland spent 14 years diving around the world. He has brought these images to life in sculptures, paintings, prints, and his whaling walls. Wyland was […]


Touring North Carolina’s Coast – Looking for Pirate History

North Carolina is known for its pirate lore and history. The coast was perfect for treacherous pirates to do their work during the height of the pirate period. Although, at the same time the coast was extremely dangerous for those who didn’t know where the dangerous rocks resided. North Carolina is known for its “Graveyard […]

Rocky Mountain National Park

Tour the US National Parks

The 100th anniversary of national parks is on most US residents’ minds, if they live near a national park or traveled for summer 2016. These beautiful places were established because of a few men’s belief that the landscape should be protected and preserved for future generations. But, which National Parks should you make time to […]

Mendenhall Glacier and Caves, Juneau, AK

The Grand Tour Of The US – What Spots You Should Really See

One might argue that there are too many places in the United States to see. In fact, depending on who you ask, you are going to receive at least ten different answers. Sure, this list could begin with things like Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but really? It’s that a known answer, if […]

Lake of the Isles

The 1,000 Lakes of Minnesota – Which Lakes Should be on Your List

Minnesota has 1,000 lakes, and yet not all of these beautiful lakes is equally worth visiting. Many of the lakes are small, offering little recreation, or off the beaten path in the protected forest land. The lakes that make the list are definitely places you can go and enjoy, without breaking laws by going into […]

Tiny House Village:

Exploring Tiny House Communities – See if the Lifestyle Fits You

Are you interested in a tiny house? Do you know if the lifestyle is going to fit for you? Is there even a place you can park, when you are out traveling? Loads of questions are being asked by people considering going tiny, with plenty of confusing answers and sometimes myths. If you want to […]

Bicycle rides

Top 10 Free And Fun Things To Do In Switzerland On Holiday Trip

Switzerland is considered to be one of the most expensive destinations in the world. Finding great things to do that will not cost a dime is therefore no small deal. From incredible landscapes, beautifully clean cities, fresh air, friendly people, chocolate and cheese Switzerland is a lovely place to go to. Below is a list […]

Altes Tramdepot

7 Most Popular Places to Eat in Switzerland

Switzerland is a favored tourist destination known for both its linguistic and geographical diversity. The landlocked country prides in having four official languages including; German, French, Italian and Romansh. Owing to its diversity of language and geography, Swiss cuisine is also multifaceted. Even though chocolate and the cheese fondue are popular delicacies the country is […]

Alchymist Grand Hotel

Top Hotels to Stay In Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a marvelous city known for its potential for a fulfilling exploration. The city of a thousand spires is a haven for the avid adventurer. You not only get to visit ancient chapels and marvel at architecture that is centuries old but also stumble across lovely gardens, cafes and old fashioned bars. When it […]

Prague Castle

10 Dazzling Destination in Prague

In over three decades, Prague has been one of the most popular tourist destination in Europe with over 4 million visitors each year. Prague is considered to be one of Europe’s architectural gems for Gothic, Art Nouveau, Renaissance and Baroque styles dot the city. There are also splendid luxury hotels that make the trip worthwhile. […]

Barceló Puerto Vallarta

Get To Know The Best All Inclusive Mexico Resorts

Beautiful sandy beaches, endless sunshine and a spectacular scenery are some of the amazing gifts of nature the colorful nation of Mexico has to offer. The country has a wealth of history, cuisine, traditions and jaw- dropping architecture that was left behind by ancient civilizations. Mexico also prides in having great resorts especially those at […]

Las Palmas,

Top 10 Things to Do in Mexico on Holidays Trip

Mexico is a vibrant nation that has numerous places to visit and a variety of activities to take part in. The land is rich and filled with a diversity of sandy shores overlapping the coasts, ancient ruins scattered through the mountains and jungles for an exquisite adventure. There can be no shortage of excursions in […]

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