Buenos Aires Argentina, All The Way!

The American south, with its rich cultural significance and picturesque sceneries has been one of the most desired destinations for tourists around the world. Connoisseurs of beauty have sought after a little bit of Argentina lovin’ because of its varied and bountiful assets. Argentina is home to not only the panoramic high and low regions […]

Zagreb – Croatia, a Crossroads for Eastern Europe

The city of Zagreb, capital of the Republic of Croatia, assumes a major role and acts as a crossroads for the Eastern European Communities.   It is strategically located on the Adriatic Sea, and shares borders with seven other countries making it a melting pot of interesting people and charming cultures. People are attracted to Croatia […]

Warsaw – Poland as a phoenix has risen

The story of Warsaw is truly a remarkable one, as it is a city that greatly suffered during the Second World War with over 80% of its buildings being bombarded. This could have been the end of a beautiful city, but a way was found to overcome the destruction and the city was reborn into […]

Brussels, Belgium a small country but a grandiose city

Yes, Belgium is not renowned for its size, but is known for the quality of its attractions… Brussels, the Capital of Belgium, is one of those fabulous cities where an indescribable amount of activities are happening every day. Culturally, Brussels is a very open city and all nationalities are represented here, but at the same […]

Austria: A Great Place to Learn to Ski

While it may seem a little daunting, with all that heavy and awkward equipment, such as skis, goggles, boots and warm clothing, skiing can actually be a lot easier to learn than you might think. Austria is a popular ski holiday destination for skiers of all ages and abilities since the early 20th century, and […]

Bucharest A Dynamic Evolving City Surrounded By Intrigue

Bucharest, Romania is a city with many recent changes. Jumping in population from 282,000 in the 1900’s to over 2,000,000, it currently abounds with culturally enlightening characteristics. Travelers apprehensive about the climate are needlessly so, since Romania actually has moderate temperatures. During spring, the climate is comfortably warm, with just enough freshness to be agreeable.  […]

Kutna Hora

5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is an ideal destination for those who crave older architectural designs. The country has been owned by various nations throughout the century and this has led to it acquiring different influences in its architecture. Czech Republic tourism has been on the rise because airfare prices are lower and tourists are likely to find […]

Wreck Diving

7 Best and Fun Things to Do in Cyprus

The Island of Cyprus offers an ample opportunity to enjoy something fresh and exciting. Found in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just south of Turkey, the island is known for its warm weather and picturesque beaches. Among the great things to see in Cyprus are historic villages and ancient ruins which depict an island […]

Jordaan Amsterdam

5 Best Places to Live in Amsterdam

The wonderful city of Amsterdam only started out as a modest fishing village to become one of the most noteworthy ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age. Today, it is not only the capital of Netherlands but a prominent financial center. It is an exciting new step in life to move into Netherlands. […]

Temple de Saint Pierre

2-Day Tour Visiting Best Places in Geneva

The presence of various international organizations and having the headquarters of most of the agencies for Red Cross and the United Nations makes Geneva to be considered as the worldwide center for diplomacy. Another notable feature the world identifies Geneva with is in its offshore banking industry that the rich of this world prefer to […]

3 Amusement Parks in Europe and How to Make the Best of Them

3 Amusement Parks in Europe and How to Make the Best of Them

Many people consider that visiting and experiencing amusement parks is a travel activity meant for kids. But if you look at the hundreds of thousands of people taking by assault such “kid” places, you will notice that young and seasoned adults alike have the time of their lives. Today, we will take a trip around […]


Summer 2016s Best Budget Destinations

Many people like to go on vacation in the summer but a lot of those people mistaken think that a vacation to Europe is beyond their budget. Although many European holiday destinations are expensive, there are some which are cheaper and therefore can be considered as budget summer holiday destinations. Some of the European cities that can […]

Walt Disney World

Spending The Summer Vacations by Exploring Florida Attractions

Florida is a very vibrant American state that provides the perfect summer vacation for people of all ages. It houses the Walt Disney World, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, the Kennedy Space Centre at Titusville, Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory in Key West, Miami among other Florida vacation spots. The city […]

Royal Caribbean Cruises

When Is the Right Time to Book a Cruise in Summer 2016?

Taking a cruise in the high seas was once a luxury reserved for the worldly elite. These days everyone can enjoy this privilege. One of the most traditionally expensive times of the year for a cruise is during summer and the wave season or the peak season for cruises that starts in January. In reality […]

Inverlochy Castle Hotel

8 Luxury Resorts to Stay in Scotland During Summer

Tartans and kilts, bagpipes and ceilidhs, numerous music festivals and the highland games are only a fraction of the things that define the Scottish culture. The highlanders are a people with a wealth of history that is clearly seen in its attractions which tell a tale of kings and queens through its castles .The Helix […]

Slieve League Cliffs

Ireland During Summer: A Heaven On Earth for Nature Lover

Ireland’s weather is quite unpredictable but rarely extreme. The climate here is mostly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the warm currents of the North Atlantic Drift keeps sea temperatures mild. The scenic nature in Ireland is as mystic as its traditions and poetry. You get to take in a taste of heaven on earth […]

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Top 10 Places to Visit Spain in This Summer

The hottest season is finally here and Spain is definitely the place to be. A Spanish beach holiday would be the best way to keep wet and fresh in the summer heat. Spain, France and Morocco are the only three countries that have both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline. Sky scanner is a great site […]

Circular Quay

Just Summer Things: 10 Best Kids Friendly Beaches in Australia

There is no better place for kids to have fun this summer than to revel in awesome Sydney attractions in Australia. The beaches are found in the inner harbor at lovely locations for kids friendly vacations they include; Balmoral Beach Snorkelling in the sheltered water, paddling through the waves and sailing are just a highlight […]

Gunung Bromo

Visit Indonesia: If You Want to Make Your Summer Holidays Memorable

Indonesia situated in South East Asia is an enormous and extensive country with over 17,000 glorious Islands including those that are unoccupied. Most of these Indonesian Islands are volcanic.  The largest of the Indonesian Islands include; Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua. The country has diverse cultures as it has about 300 tribal groups and […]

Koufonisia, Greece

7 Peaceful and Tension Free Places for Summer Holidays in Europe

Summer holidays can become quite exhausting when the sun is too hot and the beaches are overcrowded. If your idea for having some peace and quiet time all to yourself, rejuvenate and still enjoy the seaside, why not challenge yourself and try out some secluded destinations that have a lot to offer.  Here are a […]

Moyo Island

Where to Spend the Summer Holidays in Indonesia

Asia is an intriguing place to be from rich culture and history to beautiful sites.  Indonesia in the South East Asia is a good place to start. Consider cheap flights to Indonesia to make your booking and get your itinerary ready as we explore four amazing places to go to in the Indonesian Islands this […]

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