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The cheapest countries in Europe for holidays

In the last years many Europeans need to save money and carry a calculator with them in order to enjoy their holidays even on their own continent. The trick to relax is going out of the “euro zone”, where the ratio quality/price is more reasonable. This article will demonstrate to us some countries where you can travel spending not much money; however, they offer a full range of different subjects, such as: art, entertainment, food, etc…


Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

In this country you can find some of the few deserted beaches remaining in Europe. If you are interested in the architecture, the history or just stroll around unusual places, you can find there from medieval towns as Veliko Tarnovo to nineteenth-century architectural gems as Koprivshtitsa or Muslim villages preserved from the Ottoman Empire. For example, the national forest park of Stranja is a gem that not many people know. Moreover, if you avoid the posh resorts and the boutique hotels you will discover that with the euro you can get amazing prices across the country.


Siauliai Lithuania

It is twice the size of Belgium, however, in Lithuania things cost half price. It has over eighty kilometers of white beaches, which makes it an ideal choice for summer. The novelist Thomas Mann chose a hidden corner of this coastline as his favorite place to rest. The travel agencies are increasingly offering bids to visit it. Also, going on your own is not a bad option. The hidden treasure is Siauliai, the fifth largest city, which has fourteen museums, an attractive selection of bars and it is plenty of architecture of the twenties and thirties.


Warsaw Poland

Many people identify the country with Krakow but actually there is much more to discover. For example, Warsaw, the capital, is a very interesting city thanks to the contrast of civilizations where the impressive Soviet buildings are mixed with the most modern restaurants. The prices are not the bargain of the past but likewise you can eat in one of the best restaurants of the town for eight euros a dish and in the small provinces the prices remain lower. The most recommended beach is Sopot, also known as “the Monaco of the North” since there was the gathering point of the economic elite of the interwar Europe.


Mediterranean Croatia

Known as “The land of a thousand islands” is a favorite destination of the Europeans for years. Since the beginning of the century the prices have increased but also their services and the infrastructure. Paying in “kunas” you take advantage of your money better than in any other similar destination. Its commercial slogan is quite true: “The Mediterranean as it used to be.” In its Adriatic coast can be found the authentic paradise for the enthusiasts of the water sports. Additionally, the nightlife is growing thanks to its variety of clubs and it can be an alternative to the overcrowding of Ibiza.
Dubrovnik is a typical fairy-tale city but there are simpler alternatives such as Trogir, which is also called as “the City Museum” for its high concentration of churches, palaces and towers. In fact, it has the distinction of the World Heritage of UNESCO. Another great attraction is the food such as: fish, risotto and truffles of the highest level.

Zagreb – Croatia, a Crossroads for Eastern Europe

The city of Zagreb, capital of the Republic of Croatia, assumes a major role and acts as a crossroads for the Eastern European Communities.   It is strategically located on the Adriatic Sea, and shares borders with seven other countries making it a melting pot of interesting people and charming cultures. People are attracted to Croatia from all over Europe.

The Adriatic Sea has beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue water. The capital city itself is filled with life and yearly hosts interesting events, drawing many people from neighboring countries. Weather in Zagreb Croatia has a direct impact on this because of its light winters and agreeably fresh summers which welcome vacationers.

One example of a famous festivity that occurs in the city is the international animated film festival of Zagreb.  It is festival renowned around the world and great artists make the scene to display animated work that each year brings pleasant surprises to its innumerable visitors. Famed international popular music artists such as The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Massive Attack, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, as well as Bob Dylan have all shown up in Zagreb to put on concerts. More than 20 theaters can be found in the city, creating an agreeable, musical atmosphere that is enjoyed by all. The prestigious Croatian National Theater, opened by the Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1895, provides an appealing sightseeing experience.

Another significant historical promenade is the Ban Jelacica Square, a spacious environment perfect for moments of rest and offering as well excellent shopping possibilities. If you plan on buying souvenirs, try neckties, as the very origin of neckties is Croatian –this explains why a large choice of style and fashion in neckties can be found here, making wonderful gifts.

Located on the hill Gornji Grad is Gradec, a core of historical monuments, parks, churches, and the Croatian Parliament. If you don’t wish to miss any sights and are hesitant because of the language barrier don’t be reluctant but head directly to Zagreb Croatia tourism offices who will courteously greet you in English. Moving around in the city is easy, as the public transportation system of buses and trams covers the whole city.

The Zagreb Airport gives easy options for access to this city from around the world, especially from Europe at very moderate prices. In summer, flights from London to Zagreb can be found at around £123 ($200).  Also keep an eye out for package prices as accommodation in Zagreb could end up costing much less than originally expected.

Zagreb Croatia hotels are very plentiful and you will not have to worry about where to spend a night. Budget hotels can be found within a short walking distance of the center and one such hotel is the Buzz Hotel with prices starting at £36 ($60).  Even the more luxurious hotels like the famous 5-star Regent Esplanade Zagreb have affordable rates that begin at £100 ($164) but  can go up to £1 347 (2 190) for the presidential suite.

If at first Zagreb Croatia map routes seem limited, be sure to take a closer look, as Croatia is a country filled with vacation opportunities.  Captivating city tours and amazing beaches are just two of the numerous national treasures that await you.