Explorer the Real Places of South America

As one of the most fascinating and vibrant continents on earth, South America offers endless wonders for any visitor to enjoy. From the tropical regions of the north to the frozen glaciers of the Andes, not to mention the vast metropolises of Brazil and Argentina. Book a trip with Saga Travel and find out why South America is often called the world’s most exciting continent.untitled

Spanish or Portuguese?

The primary language of all but one of South America’s countries is Spanish. However this gives a slightly distorted picture of the linguistic makeup of the region. This is due to the sole Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) country being by far the biggest. Brazil is home to over 200 million people, and takes up a whopping eight and a half million square kilometres. So speaking either Spanish or Portuguese will stand you in good stead.


When visiting Brazil, a trip to Rio de Janeiro should be top of your list. Few cities match the beauty and vivacity of Rio. From the views of Sugarloaf Mountain from Copacabana Beach, to watching the sunset over Christ the Redeemer, your memories of this place will last a lifetime.


Far from the image of the Amazon rainforests are the pampas of Patagonia. Take in the sights of the beautiful Lake District in the north, the stunning craggy peaks of Mount Fitzroy and Cueva de las Mons in Southern Patagonia.


Famed the world over for its mix of history and jaw-dropping scenery is Peru’s Machu Picchu. It may be an arduous hike, but the once-in-a-lifetime views you’ll see when you get to the Incan citadel are sure to be worth it.


Discover the islands that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution. The beautiful landscape of the Galapagos Islands and the amazing ecosystem that you will encounter make this one of South America’s must-visit destinations.


Be in awe of the colour and passion of Colombia’s capital Bogota. While this city of seven million can be a little overwhelming at first, you’ll see a truly global city located eight thousand feet above sea level. Be sure to take in the joys of the galleries and restaurants of the city’s art district La Macarena when you visit.


For an unforgettable glimpse into the wilderness visit Chile’s spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. The Torres del Paine themselves, are the three distinct granite peaks that make up the front of the Cuernos del Paine mountain range. As well as stunning peaks, the park boasts valleys, lakes, and glaciers that will leave you in wonderment at the beauty of Chile’s amazing landscape.

Treat yourself to an adventure this year, and head south of the equator for a trip you will never forget!

Image by Douglas Scortegagna used under the Creative Commons license.

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