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Things to See and Do in Albania

Albania is slowly creeping back to one of the finest European tourist destinations. Albania tourism is gradually growing and it is only a matter of time before it makes its mark. There are many scenic features to see and a myriad of fun activities to do while in Albania. Some of its strong holds include the ever tantalizing Albania beaches, plenty of historic sites, Neighbourhoods and villages, castles, palaces and Mansions among others. In terms of fun activities, you can always take a tour around the beautiful cities, go hiking or skiing on the mountain slopes.

Enjoy Albania’s fast food with a twist   

Albania's fast food

Albania’s fast food

What makes this standout in Albania is that these delicacies are cheap and above all delicious. Get to enjoy their unique byrek and sample their gorgeous soft drinks including peaches juice, orange and apricot. To make do with the absence of McDonalds, Albania has Kolonat in its capital where one gets to have a taste of Albania’s pizza, burgers and chicken.

Discover the historical site of Butrint

historical site of Butrint

Historical site of Butrint

These ancient ruins are situated 18km south of Saranda. The ruins are rich in history and will fascinate anyone who is into ancient stories. The remains found in Butrint were extracted from different historical times some even dating 2500 years back. Butrint was once known as the Roman vacation city since it used to accommodate the wealthy class of the Roman who came here to relax and unwind. Today, the ruins are a possession of UNESCO and play host to thousands of tourists who visit to share the history and its heritage.

Explore the ancient Berat

Ancient Berat

Ancient Berat

This is also another UNESCO heritage site. It is believed that the Berat city was established in the 6th century even though archaeological research tends to differ claiming that settlement existed since 4000. Today the city attracts tourists from all over the world who visit to explore what has remained of the city which is currently sandwiched between 7 hills and separated by River Osum. Some of the city’s features include; religious buildings, monuments and archaeological remains.

Hit the beach

ksamil Albania Beache

ksamil Albania Beache


Albania as a nation is sparsely populated meaning that there is minimal development. With minimal development nature prevails. Albania without a doubt has the most natural and undeveloped beaches throughout the Mediterranean. The beaches are deprived of any sort of development and human population hence leaving then as natural as possible.

The South beaches are most popular throughout the country.  Since they are devoid of development and population, the waters are clear and enticing. Some of South beach activities include swimming, deep sea diving among others.

Go skiing

Skiing in Albania

Skiing in Albania

Albania’s landscape plays a huge role as a tourist attraction. History has it that during the Soviet era, Albania was a skiing hub especially to those who enjoyed the winter games. The Albanian Alps is the perfect destination for this. It has a variety of slopes which are conducive for skiing. The Albanian Alps has many peaks and together with its altitude, it offers an all year round skiing experience. However, the best times to make the most out of the skiing experience would be during the months of January and February.

Reasons as to why you must visit Albania

Amongst the many European destinations to tour, Albania should be top in your places to visit list. The country is blessed with many attractions that will leave you wondering why it took you so long to discover all its wonderful possessions. 

Albania’s rich history and its natural possessions are just but a few of the factors making Albanian cities perfect holiday destinations for tourists and travellers with virtually everything at their disposal. Starting with Tirana, the cities are well developed to match international standards hence capable of welcoming anyone; privileged or less privileged.

There are many reasons as to why you should visit Albania. Here are a few reasons why you should make Albania your holiday destination in 2014.

Albania castles  

Albania castles

Albania castles

Amongst the many Albania’s treasures, Albania castles are one of them. There are lots of castles in Albania worth exploring. Due to their numbers, some of the castles are well preserved while others are more of stone foundations. Despite their current conditions, these castles represent a long and storied Albania’s history.  These castles are conveniently located atop hills, some can be found on middle ground fields and some are along the Adriatic shores. By visiting these locations, you not only enjoy the beautiful sceneries but you also get to learn about the historical events that led up to their construction.

The amazing geography and natural beauty

Albania's landscape

Albania’s landscape

Albania’s landscape is wonderful. Wow your eyes to the scenic views of the mountains or perhaps enjoy the long sandy beaches that stretch along the coastline. Regardless of your location, be rest assured that you will enjoy every bit. Visiting the Northern side of Albania Alps, you get to enjoy the village life that will send you back the history lane. If you are a history person, make a point of visiting the Thethi and Valbona. To get a feel of the sea life, make a point of visiting the lonian seaside village of Dhermi which is located along the Albanian Rivera.

Cultural Treasures

albanian Traditional Dress

albanian Traditional Dress

Albania is a country full of gorgeous ancient ruins that are yearning to be explored. One of the most popular and highly protected ruin is the Butrint. The ruins are now under the heritage of UNESCO. Other historical ruins include the; Berat and the Gjirokaster. The churches of Voskopoje are also a delight to visit but due to lack of attention the treasures are crumbling.

Rich culture and traditions

The traditions of Albania will make you feel as if you are reliving the past. A visit to the village will make you appreciate Albanians. Farmers still use traditional equipment to till the land which is in line with what their ancestors used to do. Along Lake Ohrid, get amazed by the traditional lifestyle embraced by the women. Up until now, women are still preparing pasta using their hands and allowing it to dry outside.

Friendly locals 

Since mass tourism is yet to overrun Albania, people are very warm and welcoming. It is this friendly nature of the locals that makes Albania a perfect holiday destination.

Cheap flights to Albania that will help you enjoy your trip

We go on vacations so as to catch a breather from the rather hectic day to day hassles. Planning for your trip is critical in as far as enjoying your trip is concerned. Budget travel in particular requires ample planning since everything needs to be within the budget lest you risk running out of resources to facilitate your trip.


Albania’s non-residents need to go an extra mile in terms of making appropriate arrangements for their trip; one of them being, finding convenient means to get you to your destination. Since Albania as a nation has no international rail connections, getting there via train is not an option. The most convenient means of transportation for an international traveller is by catching a flight.

Getting lucrative deals can be daunting especially those who tend to wait for the last minute deals.  Booking in advance will allow you to plan properly for your trip and also help you find cheap flights to Albania. Albania is not that much of a tourist hub therefore finding flights to Albania even in the high season tends to be less of a hassle.

Since nowadays there are lots of airlines flying to Albania with many deals on offer, as a traveller you need to be very careful when booking your cheap tickets to Albania.



Airlines servicing airports in Albania

If you are looking for direct and indirect flights to both local destinations and international destinations you can always catch these airlines serving Albania airports;

  • Alitalia
  • Olympic Air
  • Austrian Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Lusthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Aegean Airlines
Olympic Air

Olympic Air


Airline tickets and prices tend to vary depending on a number of factors. Some of the determining factors include; the type of the flight you intend on booking, the duration of your flight and the season of travel i.e. whether is during the peak season or the low season. During the high seasons, flights tend to be expensive due to the high demands.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines

When booking your flight distance to be traveled plays a huge role. For example, if the distance is likely to take up to 4-10 hours, it is highly advisable for you to take a direct flight. If you are not a fan of direct flights, you may also choose to take a break journey.

British Airways

British Airways


Before booking your flight you should note that flights to Albania during weekdays tend to be cheaper than those available during the weekends. The main reason attributed to this is that, airports on weekdays tend to be less crowded by travellers hence the cheap price tag on the air tickets. Contrary to that, weekend flights have a high demand as people tend to travel mostly during the weekends hence the reasonably high prices during the weekends.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

When planning to tour Albania, one of the lovely places to land in is the Tirana Airport. The airport is conveniently located to allow for easy accessibility through the different routes. The airport also offers wonderful parking facilities hence parking should not be something to worry about.


Young, Cultured and Changing, Tirana Albania

Universities are abundant in Tirana making it a youthful city with a fresh, modern view of their culturally diverse society. Due to this fact, the city is a center of animation and contains notable historical sites as well that can be enjoyed in this Capital City of 600,000 inhabitants. Fly to Tirana and get the chance to see an interesting city where many changes have taken place throughout the years, yet their friendly people haven’t lost their ability to smile.

First established in the 16th century as an Ottoman town, Tirana has not ceased to grow in size.  Tirana started exporting olive oil and tobacco to European cities like Venice years ago, and possesses over 140,000 olive trees and fertile land.   It stayed a relatively small city until the National Communist Party rose against the Nazi invasion.  In 1944 the country became communist and underwent a period of strong urban development which led to a significant growth in population. As years went by, the population kept growing until by 1990 the population had over two hundred thousand inhabitants. After the end of communism in 1991; the city suffered somewhat, but kept on increasing in population, until major economic changes took place leading towards a market orientated society, which finally brought stability to Tirana.