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The 10 Best Getaway Beach Resorts around the World

Everyone fantasizes about the ultimate beach holiday; the stuff dreams are made of. The perfect pearly white sands, crystal clear blue waters, the scenery set with perfect palm trees blowing in the wind near rustic beach huts.

We have compiled a list of some of the most inviting beach resorts that have caught the eye of many a dreamer.

Rosalie Bay Resort, DominicaRosalie Bay Resort, Dominica

Perfect surroundings from gardens to mountains and miles of coastline – it doesn’t get any better. Here you can hike to the second largest volcanic heated body of water, enjoy a relaxing spa treatment and take sunset walks along the shore. This is one of the most spectacular beachside resorts on the Atlantic Ocean.

Peter Island, British Virgin IslandsPeter Island Resort

Peter Island Resort is the only one on the entire island, if you are looking for a break from anything remotely resembling city living then this is definitely the place to for you. The resort boasts a one of a kind spa for those looking for a relaxing massage, cleansing, and some aromatherapy as well as private plunge pools when you are looking to cool off.

Costa Alegre, MexicoCosta Alegre

It is no coincidence that the name translates to “cheerful coast.” This getaway at El Tamarindo resort is breathtaking. Few places can compete with the pristine green lawns, brilliant blue waters, and pure white sand. This stunning resort boasts a purifying treatment spa as well as some of the best seafood available to tantalize your taste buds.

Gold Coast, BarbadosSandy Lane Resort

Lavish resorts don’t come close to the Sandy Lane Resort on the Gold Coast of Barbados. Here there are stretches of beachfront as far as the eye can see, water as clear as glass and luxuries as you have never experienced before. They even have their own full golf course carved out a limestone quarry. Need we say more?

Four Seasons Resort, BaliFour Seasons Resort

What would a holiday be without the Four Seasons Group? Boasting Infinity Jacuzzis and their own cooking school you can have your cake and eat it, on the holiday, in Bali. How perfect could it get?

Rayavadee Krabi, ThailandRayavadee Krabi, Thailand

Who would have thought that your beach holiday could include elephant rides? Well here is one resort that can make that dream come true. Aside from that, you can climb 1000 steps to the temple at Tiger Cave or just simply drink in the sunshine while lying on the sandy white beaches enjoying the scenery of the mangrove forest engulfing the island.

Letaha Island and Resort, Raiatea, French PolynesiaLetaha Island and Resort

Enjoy spending time in the luxury cabins that are built over the turquoise ocean waters. Submerge your life in the ocean lifestyle and explore incredible pearl farms and snorkel through coral forests; this is the full package, you won’t find anywhere closer to the sea!

Hacienda Encantada Resort and Spa, Cabo, San LucasHacienda Encantada Resort and Spa

This stunning resort boasts a lost city feel with gorgeous stone-faced buildings, perfect dipping pools, and awe-inspiring scenery. The resort has five unique on-site restaurants so you will never feel the need to leave the comfort of the resort in this all intoxicating paradise, though Cabo does have some amazing experiences awaiting the wander lusting traveler.

Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa, PhilippinesShangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa

This optimizes all that a beach resort holiday should be. Only accessible by sea and the only resort on the island with everything you could possibly need, sun beds, seashells, day spas and absolutely delicious food. Who said perfect wasn’t possible?

Couples Swept Away Resort, Negril JamaicaCouples Swept Away Resort, Negril Jamaica

With everything aimed at sun and water this resort has it covered. Their incredible pool scenery is something out of a fairytale. You won’t believe it with your own eyes. Gorgeous! There is just no other word to describe it.

Cruise the Caribbean way

With waters as indulgent as those found in the Caribbean, a cruise around these 7000 islands is likely the best way to visit. Many a cruise liner stops off at its plethora of ports-of-call: St. Lucia, Barbados, Dominica and St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands, to name but a few.
It can be hard deciding on what itinerary to take, what with so many unique coasts calling you. Here are some of the most popular choices and a little bit of what to expect from each one.

St Lucia

St Lucia

St Lucia

A mountainous land, poking out of the calm water like an emerald rock: this is St Lucia. Not just an oasis to sunbathe on, your chosen cruise company will offer excursions to make the most out of the activities on offer. Cunard Cruises takes guests on sport fishing trips, dolphin discoveries and tours of the Toraille Waterfall and Maranaptha Gardens. A collage of greens, blues and whites, this is a Caribbean hotspot for honeymooners.

Woah, we’re going to Barbados! Life really is a beach on this infamous island, known for its vibrant attitude, rich history, sugary sands and water-sporting waters. You can explore its history by walking around the historic Garrison area, make a dream come true by swimming with turtles, catch a wave by kite or wind surfing and top up your tan on Crane Beach. Basically, there is something for everyone!13438700364_cf8dd0150f_z


One for those looking to get back to nature: Dominica is an eco-friendly island with some astounding natural sights. You will be woken up from your cruise-life slumber once stepping onto dry land, with many an eye opening shore excursion. Go river tubing down the Pagua River, snorkel around Champagne Reef, find a hot spring escape in Ti Tou Gorge or kayak down Layou River. By the time you get back on deck, a good meal and early night will definitely be in order.

Whichever itinerary you choose to take, the Caribbean will greet you with its good-time vibes, warm welcome and of course, plenty of rum. Images by Mike Fleming and Chris Favero, used under the Creative Commons license.

The Bold & The Beautiful Barbados Bridgetown

The myths and stories about Barbados have been told and retold through the tides of time. It was once famous for being the hub of magic and other such wonders. Today, it is still famous for its magically beautiful and captivating landscape. Located towards the eastern region of the Caribbean Sea, it is a West Indian continental coral island, which was pushed out of the sea due to volcanic activity, a long time ago. The pleasant weather of Barbados is courtesy of its phenomenal and refreshing trade winds. Fringed with stunning coral reefs, Barbados carries amazing adventures like snorkelling and scuba diving in its enriched pocket.

The pride of Barbados is its largest city and the capital called Bridgetown. The British settlers founded this city. Upon arriving here, they built a bridge over the inlet of river called Careenage. Owing to this reason, this small city came to be known as Bridgetown. A contemporary lift bridge known as Chamberlain Bridge has today replaced the Careenage, which once was used as an integral medium for trading vessels. Flights to Bridgetown as low as $541 from New York, make it a sought after destination for vacationers. Great rates are always available for Bridgetown flights because of its impeccable popularity amongst the masses. Bridgetown also provides economical accommodation for tourists who are in the hope of having a great yet reasonable vacation. Hotels and resorts are speckled throughout Bridgetown starting from $98 and going up to $565. Many hotels are located in areas, which are dominated, by breathtaking sceneries, and fantastic atmospheres. Bridgetown Homes and Villas are also available for friends and families travelling in a group. These relaxing villas, available for as low as $70 up to $700 usually have two bedrooms, which overlook the bluest waters of the Caribbean Sea.

In order to experience the magic of Bridgewater to the maximum, you should explore the town on foot. Wondering where to start your exploration? Well, you can start your tour from Broad Street, which is considered the chief region where you can let your extravagant instincts get the better of you. This is the main shopping area of Bridgewater, filled with many bustling duty free shops, and arty craft stores. Perhaps the best part about being on Broad Street is that all the main attractions of Bridgewater are within walking distance.

The eastern region of Broad Street opens up to another well known shopping area of Bridgewater known as the Cave Shepherd. Cave Shepherd’s bright and colourful environment, lures tourists towards its magical realm. You can find almost anything in this duty free shopping centre, ranging from jewellery to cosmetics to beachwear. But if there is one thing that you should purchase, it is souvenirs. It is these mental attachments that we, as individuals, make and keep about a certain place, or object which always cling to our memory. So after your shopping spree, indulge in purchasing some souvenirs, something to remember Bridgewater, Barbados by.