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Cruise the Caribbean way

With waters as indulgent as those found in the Caribbean, a cruise around these 7000 islands is likely the best way to visit. Many a cruise liner stops off at its plethora of ports-of-call: St. Lucia, Barbados, Dominica and St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands, to name but a few.
It can be hard deciding on what itinerary to take, what with so many unique coasts calling you. Here are some of the most popular choices and a little bit of what to expect from each one.

St Lucia

St Lucia

St Lucia

A mountainous land, poking out of the calm water like an emerald rock: this is St Lucia. Not just an oasis to sunbathe on, your chosen cruise company will offer excursions to make the most out of the activities on offer. Cunard Cruises takes guests on sport fishing trips, dolphin discoveries and tours of the Toraille Waterfall and Maranaptha Gardens. A collage of greens, blues and whites, this is a Caribbean hotspot for honeymooners.

Woah, we’re going to Barbados! Life really is a beach on this infamous island, known for its vibrant attitude, rich history, sugary sands and water-sporting waters. You can explore its history by walking around the historic Garrison area, make a dream come true by swimming with turtles, catch a wave by kite or wind surfing and top up your tan on Crane Beach. Basically, there is something for everyone!13438700364_cf8dd0150f_z


One for those looking to get back to nature: Dominica is an eco-friendly island with some astounding natural sights. You will be woken up from your cruise-life slumber once stepping onto dry land, with many an eye opening shore excursion. Go river tubing down the Pagua River, snorkel around Champagne Reef, find a hot spring escape in Ti Tou Gorge or kayak down Layou River. By the time you get back on deck, a good meal and early night will definitely be in order.

Whichever itinerary you choose to take, the Caribbean will greet you with its good-time vibes, warm welcome and of course, plenty of rum. Images by Mike Fleming and Chris Favero, used under the Creative Commons license.

Trudging Through Picturesque Green Dominica Roseau

While speeding through life, there are often times when amidst the mundane pulse of an individual’s routine, you witness a striking scenery. If you’re a connoisseur of beauty, thrive on the unknown earthly pulse of nature, and get inspired by the colossal earthly delights of nature, then Dominica is the place for you. An island country of the Caribbean Sea, Dominica has Guadeloupe to it northwest and Martinique towards its southeast. Being a country as big as 750 square kilometres, Dominica’s highest point is Morne Diablotins, at an altitude of 1,447 meters.

Considered the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica is the youngest island of the Lesser Antilles, even now under the process of being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity. With rich mountainous rainforests, bubbling waterfalls, and rare species of birds and animals, Dominica is a milestone in real natural beauty. Dominica’s capital and also its largest city, Roseau, is a delight in the colossal list of earthly beauties. Being the oldest and also the most urban settlement of the island, Roseau is situated within the parish of Saint George, encircled by the Caribbean Sea, and towards the west leeward coast of Dominica. The weather of Roseau Island is transitional and ranges from the climate of a tropical rainforest and that of a tropical monsoon. It has a constant temperature all year, which ranges from as high as 29 – 32°C and as low as 19 – 23°C, which makes it a favourable destination for vacationers. Due to the common rainfall experienced by this region, the best time to visit Roseau is during the months of February till April.

Being the historical centre of education, Roseau schools are considered among the best schools of the island. There are a total of six secondary schools, which are situated in the city. And in addition to that, there are also eight primary schools. A community college, called The Dominica State College and a private medical school called the All Saints School of Medicine are also present in Roseau.

Roseau Valley features the villages of Laudat, Wotten Waven, Trafalgar and also Cochrane and Giraudel towards the northern and southern side of the valley. The Roseau Valley is home to one of the World Heritage Sites called the Morne Trois Pitons, which features the most spectacular waterfall at Trafalgar and Middleham. The majestic glory of this waterfall has the power to stun an individual and make him/her quite breathless by its captivating beauty. The valley also features mountainous rainforest, which has thick welcoming foliage, ideal for all those adventure seeking people who enjoy hiking and trekking. There are also many hotels and guesthouses, snuggled amidst the green valley, available for vacationers for as low as € 152. These hotel accommodations not only provide comfort to its guests but also majestic views and efficient service. If you are looking for a vacation where you can explore the natural beauty of our Mother Earth and swim in the fresh salty waters of the lakes, then Dominica Roseau is the place for you.