The Ultimate Guide Make Your Journey Comfortable and Stress-Free

I’m not going to try and tell you that you’re going to be in infinite comfort whilst you’re flying, not in economy class anyway, but there are a few ways you can enjoy your flight in relative comfort, if you know the tricks of the trade.

If you’re flying business class or something equally as fancy, you won’t have a comfort problem, however if like me you’re a forever economy flier, then you have to be a little clever and think ahead. Do you always get stuck behind someone who thinks it’s acceptable to recline their chair all the way back, leaving you squashed for most of your journey? I am! I personally never recline my chair, I just think it’s rude, but anyway, I digress.seat2-gallery

The best starting point for a comfortable onwards journey is to make sure you’re not adding extra hours onto an already tiring travel day. Long-winded coaches and trains can add quite a bit of time onto your journey to the airport, so instead I’d always be looking to drive myself and book a parking space with Why? Well, you get to travel in the comfort of your own car, stopping whenever you want, and taking your own sweet time! I always do this, and I book parking at Stansted on a regular basis, however you will find facilities at most large airports too, so certainly check this out for yourself.

Once you’re at the airport, you could consider joining the relaxed travellers in the airport lounge. This is generally a service that is best pre-booked, and once you’re in there you will enjoy a bit of sanctuary within the airport, with complimentary snacks and refreshments whilst you wait for your flight to be called. If this isn’t for you, head to a restaurant and enjoy your wait with a nice meal instead.

Now, the flight itself is always going to have a minor degree of discomfort, simply because you can’t lay down and relax like you really want to. Buy a travel neck pillow, wear comfortable clothes, wear socks so you can slip off your shoes, and take some earphones, and even an eye mask if you want total privacy. Keep wiggling your legs, get up for a wander every now and then, and make sure you keep hydrated to starve off that travel headache. Take a few nibbles for the plane and try and become engrossed in a book or a film. Comfortable travel really is about the preparation.

So, unless you bag yourself a free upgrade, or you’re lucky enough to afford business class travel, look to these economy class tips for a more comfortable and serene journey – you’ll be at your destination before you know it.

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