Are you willing to take a tour in Wellington?

New Zealand’s coastal capital of Wellington is a delightful U shaped city surrounded by turquoise sea and green hills. The city’s many skyscrapers are distinguishably aligned on the water front.  In the background are small, tranquil houses blended in with trees, while the skyscrapers, looming upward, are constantly bustling with activity. The population of Wellington New Zealand seems to have it all – beautiful beaches, lovely promenades, and a dynamic center.
The country represents the epitome of nature’s splendor while exhibiting a remarkable contrast between the beauties of nature and monumental structures.   NZ travel offers countless hiking adventures — imagine trekking out to rocky hills and discovering a beautiful blue lagoon at the foot of a striking mountain just perfect for a quick swim, or the thrill that comes from happening upon a crystal clear lake surrounded by lovely flower covered hills. . Never forget to bring along a camera, because friends wouldn’t believe the beauty you’ve seen without it.

The national museum of New Zealand, “Te papa Tongarewa” situated in Wellington, has in its name “the place of treasures found in this land” the perfect description of what can be found in this important monument.  Inside the large building are gifts shops, cafés and multiple exhibits dedicated to the traditions and culture of the country.

One might wonder why a café would be located inside a museum, but the answer can be found in knowing that Wellington is one of cities in the world with the most coffeehouses. Coffee is an intricate part of the culture of New Zealand, and meeting someone who doesn’t drink coffee is rare.

Cuisine in Wellington has a great variety of choices from European gastronomy, Polynesian cooking to Asian delicacies which are all available in the capital. For typical New Zealand dishes, one would chose a meal made of pipis or tuatua, which are both a type of shellfish found in NZ. You could end your dinner by the national dessert – Pavlova, often served during celebrations. It is an exquisite cake made of a crust similar to meringue and a soft tasty interior quite unique in flavor.

Cheap flights to NZ are especially low-priced from Sydney. Fairs from Australia can be obtained for $179, giving voyagers the chance to afford a visit to both countries through a package offer.

Hotels in Wellington New Zealand propose all types of accommodation. If you’re planning to hike your way around the country, camping is an agreeable possibility.  Young budget travelers who enjoy a cozy bed will find the Base Wellington Hostel attractive. Located close to the city’s center, prices vary from $28 to $50. For a more luxurious sojourn the Copthorne Hotel Wellington offers a fabulous view of the harbor as well as a central location, right next to the Te Papa museum, a dining precinct and many theatres. Prices range from $154 to $279.

The fact that the weather in New Zealand is occasionally windy adds to vacation possibilities the chance to try out surfing and kite flying. The catchy phrase that at times can be heard “New Travel Zealand” may sound unusual to first time travelers. In reality it simply means that each trip to New Zealand is original, with maximum diversity and provides exceptional as well as pleasurable vacations.

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