36 to 48 Hours in Amsterdam : How To Plan Your Business Trip to Amsterdam

There are many reasons for people to visit Amsterdam, and among those reasons, business tops the list. When you find yourself on a business trip to Amsterdam, you should very well know the area to be able to navigate through it freely without wasting precious time.

You will need to be aware of a few business services in Amsterdam and useful addresses that can help you on arranging anything work-related and accommodate your needs.


Some of the most important contacts that you should be aware of when it comes to travelling to Amsterdam on a business trip are:

Kamer Van Koophandel Ansterdam

Commonly known as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Amsterdam, you should try to navigate the KVK website beforehand to plan the details of your trip. Complete contact information and other details can be found at www.kvk.ni.

If you are travelling to Amsterdam from America or Canada and looking to establish your business here, it would be helpful to check with your own embassies to find out the options at your disposal.

Organizing a Business Conference in Amsterdam

In case you need to organize a large conference or business meeting in Amsterdam, look for possible facilities that could serve as a good venue. Amsterdam offers some of the finest facilities for business conferences, and many conventions and summits are held in the region yearly. The business services that you can avail are countless, and here are some important numbers to help you make the arrangements as necessary.

Business Services: Meeting planners and Conventions

The Amsterdam Congress Bureau offers independent advice completely free of cost on behalf of the city of Amsterdam to conventions related to conference related industries. You can visit their website to check for offers that you can avail to ensure your trip goes well.

Eurocongres Conference Management can also be contacted for conferences, and you can ask for help during your stay with any business related events or meetings.

The Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre is another very huge facility that can facilitate large-scale business events where a huge number of people are expected to attend.  Many upcoming events already occupy most of the slots, and you can access their website – www.rai.nl, to see which of their services can help you.

Hiring Office Equipment

During your stay in Amsterdam, if you need to set up camp, and by camp we mean an office, you have the option of renting a completely operational and fully equipped office by the hour, or work out a deal which lets you occupy the space for a week or a month, as required. There are several service providers in Amsterdam offering this helpful service, and it can prove to be a blessing if you want to establish a new business in the city of Amsterdam.

Along with the basic essentials, Amsterdam also offers many Audio-Visual installment service providers and micro rental companies, so just make sure your research is strong before going on any business venture in Amsterdam.