The Best Way To Travel Through Europe On A Shoestring

Europe really is the land of dreams, or perhaps I should say icons, because it is nothing short of iconic. From the Eiffel tower in Paris, France through to the Brandenburg gate in Berlin all the way to Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, these places are etched into our collective memory, they are instantly recognizable, and they are iconic. But what to do if you just don’t have a ton of money to splash out on your travels, and you still have expenses or rather reality waiting for you when you get back to your hometown, well then you need to get creative. This is where I come in; I have gone and researched, as well as dreamt up a whole bunch of ways that you can implement to travel Europe on a shoestring.

One of the things that is going to eat into your budget the most is definitely going to be flights, now flights are definitely a huge chunk out of anyone’s budget, but luckily certain airlines such as Ryanair are offering discounted rates on most flights in and around Europe. However, once you’re in Europe you will still need to get around, so don’t go and spend all your money on the flight and then not have money for a cab.

Better yet, forget the cab and jump on a train; many cities within Europe have passes for tourists that get you discounted rates on public transportation services such as trains or buses. Although, if the city you are travelling to does not offer any such amenity simply look around for the many discounts that occur on train rides throughout the year.

Other things to remember while in a foreign land is to make as the locals and steer clear of the tourist traps, firstly because it will be a more authentic experience – probably more fun as well – and, secondly because if the locals are eating there it is going to be easier on your wallet too. Also, don’t be crazy and draw money from your bank account at an ATM in a foreign country, the bank charges are going to be astronomical.

When it comes to accommodation be sure to consider hostels, nowadays the hostel community is quite vibrant, safe and tailored towards the needs of their guests making it a really enjoyable stay. Oh, and by the way, here’s a sneaky tip if you are planning on heading over in August, skit on over to Rome the accommodation is dirt cheap because all of the locals are out of the city and have runaway to the beach.

Otherwise, if you want truly budget friendly accommodations consider couchsurfing, not only will you make amazing friends; you will also pay very little if not nothing for your stay. In terms of entertainment, there are plenty of free and low cost events; many cities have free music concerts in parks and open spaces during the summer months so be sure to check those out. All in all it is possible to have the best holiday in the world while not kissing your bank balance goodbye.