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Wanderlust on a Budget – 6 Stunning Global Destinations That Won’t Break the Bank

Travel doesn’t have to be a distant dream when you are working on a tight budget. Everyone deserves that little getaway break every now and then.

Here are six stunning destinations that won’t break the piggy bank.

1. Budapest HungaryBudapest Hungary

As far as holiday destinations go Hungary is often underrated. Budapest has some of the cheapest holidays available, and you are guaranteed to get more from those pennies than you expected. Budapest boasts some of the most extraordinary architecture and scenery, best observed from a boat tour along the Danube River, as well as some fantastic patisseries to keep your belly happy as you stroll through the city; you are definitely in for a sweet treat. To top it off you can visit their popular coffee houses for a cup of Joe that you will never forget. For £1 beers, you’ll never want to leave!

2. GreeceGreece

Currently recovering from the recent financial crisis gorgeous Greece is a budget holiday heaven. Holiday accommodation is typically inexpensive in the less cosmopolitan side of town, while the popular island of Mykonos is still quite pricey. If you are looking for a cheaper island alternative, you can opt for the quiet island of Pyros for the relaxation and tranquility you deserve on a Grecian holiday.

If your Greek holiday sounds more like dancing all night while putting back some cheap and tasty shooters then head over to the island of los for all-nighters abound. Take advantage of this while you can, and enjoy a breath-taking holiday.

3. Sri LankaSri Lanka

For that paradise getaway you would never expect, find it in Sri Lanka. Not only known for their world-renowned cricket teams, their pristine white beaches and gorgeous mountain ranges are sure to impress even the seasoned traveler.

For less than £30 a day you can have the luxury holiday abroad you have been dreaming of. There is the option of both beachside Hotels and hidden cottages on the mountainside. Known for their Buddhist culture you can explore temples and monasteries and dine on the best fish curries you have ever tasted.

4. CubaCuba

If you are looking spicy salsa and exhilarating carnivals then Havana, Cuba, is definitely your travel on a budget go-to destination.

Known for its fascinating history and diverse cityscape, scintillating Cuba is an exciting holiday location. For a holiday that won’t bankrupt, you definitely need to visit this Caribbean island.


5. Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

For a relaxing and quiet holiday, this is the place you want to be. Visit the historical landmarks, take a traditional Istanbul passenger ferryboat through the city or bask on a street side terrace sampling the country’s finest food, this is one place you can go to hide away from all the worries life throws at you.  Plan your budget and you can make this an unforgettable adventure.


Ever wanted to roam the valley of kings or see a mummy in its tomb? Though you may not see Brendan Frasier battling a swarm of reanimated mummies, Egypt is every young at heart’s favorite adventure come true. For a surprisingly affordable adventure, you can visit the pyramids and the absorb the rich history this ancient country has to offer, combined with a visit to the Nile or some amazing desert feasts you will leave Egypt feeling like modern day pharaoh.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Budapest

As with most famous historical cities, choosing the best tourist attractions, when so many are available, is no easy task and Budapest is no exception. You of course have an abundance of historic buildings, castles and palaces, also museums, amusement park and a zoo. Here though I will show perhaps the top 5 Budapest attractions that make this city unique.
1. Szenchenyi Bath and Spa Budapest.

Szenchenyi Bath and Spa Budapest

Szenchenyi Bath and Spa Budapest

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths and Szenchenyi baths were first established 1881, receiving extensive renovations in 1913, 1927 and 1960. Finally in 1999 they were completely refurbished, fitting high standard filters and circulation equipment. The swimming pool entrance ticket also permits the use of the fitness room and gym. This can provide an enjoyable day for all the family, whilst experiencing history.

2. Castle Hill District.

Castle Hill District

Castle Hill District

This is perhaps one of the most popular of the Budapest tourist attractions and is a World Heritage Site. Although the buildings have had extensive renovations on the inside, the streets and exteriors of the buildings have remained unaltered. Passing shops, museums and other landmarks on these cobbled streets you arrive at possibly the best place to take those panoramic photos of Budapest. There is even a Funicular Railway to take you back down.

3. Váci Utca.

Váci Utca

Váci Utca

If you love shopping then this is a must. In the 20th century, this was an exclusive shopping area for the rich. Today though, although the top names of Europe’s fashion designers can still be found in this pedestrian only street, they have now been interspersed with shops orientated to the tourist. In the courtyards off of the street you can find perhaps the best food that Budapest has to offer.

4. Chairlift Rides.

 Chairlift Rides

Chairlift Rides

Perhaps among the most unique tourist attractions in Budapest is the chairlift ride to the top of Janos Hill. This 15 minute ride will afford you fantastic views of Budapest for the whole time. On arrival at the top you can visit Lookout Tower for still more spectacular views.

5. River Cruises.

 River Cruises

River Cruises

The famous Danube River is responsible for most of Budapest’s rich history and today provides perhaps one of the best ways to see many of the Budapest attractions. Winding its way through and dividing Budapest, the Danube River is responsible for much of the city’s wealth. It is therefore no surprise that many of the tourist attractions of Budapest are situated alongside the river and from the deck of a cruise ship provides one of the best ways to see them. There are a large variety of cruises or boat trips to choose from, so you will easily be able to fit one of them in to your schedule.

As you can see, there are a wide and varied amount of Budapest attractions and so you may want to consider purchasing a “Budapest Card” (Kártya). This card Will give you access to many of the Budapest attractions, including museums. It will also allow you discount on sightseeing tours and public transport. Some restaurants may also give discounts if shown the card.

Budapest: Welcome To A City Where You Will Want To Stay

Budapest – Hungary is one of those cities that promise its visitors everything needed for a perfect vacation, and then actually keeps that promise!  Budapest travel gives you more in the end than what you expected.  Known to be among the most beautiful capitals in Europe, it has been thoroughly certified by Forbes, a well-known American Media company, that Budapest ranks  7th for the most idyllic places to live in Europe.

There are several grandiose sights in Budapest which are of worldwide fame. The Buda Castle is one of them; this prominent hill castle provides a great tour with historical meaning evident in each room.  Equally impressive, the Parliament building of Budapest, makes another fascinating visit and is the largest parliament in all of Europe with over 18 000 m². It features artifacts from the Royal Family as well as magnificent stained glass and glass mosaic paintings done by famous artists. The parliament can be seen from the Danube Promenade, one more splendid walking visit to take in this city. This promenade unveils many points of interest that will enchant the hearts of all those who love romantic walks and who can appreciate the remarkable sights to be seen at the same time. Another romantic stroll can be taken in the City Park, where there can be seen exquisite trees dating from as early as 1750 surrounded by intricate passageways and lovely scenery, which captivate many visitors. A spectacular monument not to miss is the Heroes’ Square which is located nearby, and displays the symbols for War and Peace, Work and Welfare, and Glory and Honor.

Churches are important in the Hungarian culture; a good example of these impressive constructions is the St. Stephen’s Basilica whose grandeur rivals that of the parliament of Budapest. Hotels in Budapest are very accessible and the city itself provides many possibilities for transportation such as trams, trolleybuses and metro lines which combined make Budapest an easy place to visit. For those who enjoy travel by automobiles, car rental in Budapest is also available.

Cheap hotels in Budapest are abundant but some are surprisingly original and cheap at the same time. The best example is the Botel Fortuna which is a boat hotel offering not only a fabulous romantic atmosphere, but also rates starting from as low as $48. For more luxurious lodgings the Four Seasons Hotel offers mesmerizing nights in delightful accommodations where prices start at $350.

Needless to say, Budapest is a relaxing destination for all travelers who wish to experience calmness and this is rarely surpassed in other locations.  Spas are a perfect representation of this with their soothing qualities greatly appreciated by vacationers. Budapest possesses the greatest underground thermal passageway in the world and one of the largest bathing compounds in Europe called the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath. It also has the advantage of being easily attainable by metro on the yellow M1 line. After an invigorating spa, nothing can be more rewarding that to return to one of Budapest hotels for a restful night. Separately, if each one of the attractions of this city does not seem to be enough, put together they make an unbeatable combination, of not only a wonderful city to visit, but also an extraordinary place to live.

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