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Wanderlust on a Budget – 6 Stunning Global Destinations That Won’t Break the Bank

Travel doesn’t have to be a distant dream when you are working on a tight budget. Everyone deserves that little getaway break every now and then.

Here are six stunning destinations that won’t break the piggy bank.

1. Budapest HungaryBudapest Hungary

As far as holiday destinations go Hungary is often underrated. Budapest has some of the cheapest holidays available, and you are guaranteed to get more from those pennies than you expected. Budapest boasts some of the most extraordinary architecture and scenery, best observed from a boat tour along the Danube River, as well as some fantastic patisseries to keep your belly happy as you stroll through the city; you are definitely in for a sweet treat. To top it off you can visit their popular coffee houses for a cup of Joe that you will never forget. For £1 beers, you’ll never want to leave!

2. GreeceGreece

Currently recovering from the recent financial crisis gorgeous Greece is a budget holiday heaven. Holiday accommodation is typically inexpensive in the less cosmopolitan side of town, while the popular island of Mykonos is still quite pricey. If you are looking for a cheaper island alternative, you can opt for the quiet island of Pyros for the relaxation and tranquility you deserve on a Grecian holiday.

If your Greek holiday sounds more like dancing all night while putting back some cheap and tasty shooters then head over to the island of los for all-nighters abound. Take advantage of this while you can, and enjoy a breath-taking holiday.

3. Sri LankaSri Lanka

For that paradise getaway you would never expect, find it in Sri Lanka. Not only known for their world-renowned cricket teams, their pristine white beaches and gorgeous mountain ranges are sure to impress even the seasoned traveler.

For less than £30 a day you can have the luxury holiday abroad you have been dreaming of. There is the option of both beachside Hotels and hidden cottages on the mountainside. Known for their Buddhist culture you can explore temples and monasteries and dine on the best fish curries you have ever tasted.

4. CubaCuba

If you are looking spicy salsa and exhilarating carnivals then Havana, Cuba, is definitely your travel on a budget go-to destination.

Known for its fascinating history and diverse cityscape, scintillating Cuba is an exciting holiday location. For a holiday that won’t bankrupt, you definitely need to visit this Caribbean island.


5. Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

For a relaxing and quiet holiday, this is the place you want to be. Visit the historical landmarks, take a traditional Istanbul passenger ferryboat through the city or bask on a street side terrace sampling the country’s finest food, this is one place you can go to hide away from all the worries life throws at you.  Plan your budget and you can make this an unforgettable adventure.


Ever wanted to roam the valley of kings or see a mummy in its tomb? Though you may not see Brendan Frasier battling a swarm of reanimated mummies, Egypt is every young at heart’s favorite adventure come true. For a surprisingly affordable adventure, you can visit the pyramids and the absorb the rich history this ancient country has to offer, combined with a visit to the Nile or some amazing desert feasts you will leave Egypt feeling like modern day pharaoh.

Top Things To Do In Crete

Welcome to Crete, a cultural mecca doted with beaches, towns, ruins and more. Located in the Mediterranean, Crete is noted as the largest island in Greece as well as the fifth largest in the Mediterranean sea.

Due to its rich history and undeniable beauty, you’ll find lots of activities to choose from during your visit.

But what are the must sees and must dos? Take a look at some of the suggestions below and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Dripping in history, visitors will find numerous archaeological sites and museums around the island. Some of the best archaeological sites include Knossos, Phaistos, Lato, Malia, Mirtos and Aptera. One of the more famous sites, Knossos, consists of a Minoan Palace where one can learn about the once standing 1,200 rooms and the natural disasters that destroyed it time and time again. For more history, take a day to visit the Archaeological Museum in Iraklion.


Chania Old Town

Chania Old Town

If you love sightseeing but wish to venture off the beaten path, a visit to Sitia is in order. Visited by Greeks more frequently then foreign tourists, Sitia both relaxes and thrills with a waterfront  dotted with restaurants and eateries, a beautiful coastal drive and museums. Another great sightseeing town is Chania Old Town & Harbour. Here you’ll find cobbled streets, Venetian architecture, cafes and more. What makes this particular town even more interesting is that it was built right on top of the ancient city of Kydonia.


Peristeres beach

Peristeres beach

One of reasons that many choose to visit Crete over other islands in the Mediterranean is it’s abundance of varying types of beaches. Here you’ll find beaches ranging from long stretches of white sand to rocky coastlines to coves. Some of the best beaches to be found on the island include Kedrodasos beach, Bali beach and Peristeres beach. Each of these three beaches are great for swimming and snorkeling.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities in crete

Outdoor activities in crete

Crete beckons with plenty of outdoor activities to keep even the most extreme enthusiast content. If you love a good hike, then the Samarian Gorge should be right up your alley. Known as the longest Gorge in Europe, Samarian lies at just under 10 miles long with views of 1,000 foot cliff walls with sections of the gorge narrowing in at only 10 feet wide. If a long hike isn’t your thing, then head over to Lake Kournas, the only natural freshwater lake found in Crete. Here you’ll find a relaxing experience coupled with a backdrop of the White Mountains.

Getting to Crete can be a pricey endeavor for most travelers but not if you do your research and plan well in advance. If you’re looking to score great deals on airfare, you can usually find cheap flights with Thomas Cook Airlines. In the end, no matter what it costs to get there, Crete is a destination that you’ll never forget.

Charming Cretan Culture

With its famous mythology of minotours and labyrinths, Crete is one of those islands that has a history shrouded in mystery and intrigue – and is one destination that can turn even the most dedicated sun worshipper into a culture vulture.

Taking a holiday to Crete with Thomas Cook can create many wonderful and long-lasting memories. You could spend the entire time lying on the beach, but first you need to decide which beach. Choose from any one of the scores of popular sandy beaches that are within easy reach of everything you could need. There are also numerous pebbled beaches and hidden little coves which are ideal for those looking for more secluded relaxation. High cliffs add to the dramatic scenery while the crystal clear sea – which mirrors the endless blue sky – finishes off the perfect picture.

Cretan Culture

Moving up from the beaches are the wonderful towns that provide typical Greek hospitality and of course, great food. Traditional tavernas provide the catch of the day and delicious local produce that really will treat your tastebuds. There are plenty of bars which offer daytime refreshments and a great place to spend time catching up with friends and families, and in the evening turn into great night spots complete with live music and a bouncing party atmosphere.

If you fancy getting out and about, there are plenty of tours available during the day. You can visit neighbouring towns and discover more about the ancient island and its captivating mythology or hop on a boat and sail over the sparkling waves.

With a whole load of sporting activities on standby, the days can be pretty full, but one thing that should never be missed is an early morning walk along the beach. Whether you’re up with the larks or just on your way to bed, strolling along the beach as the sun comes up, watching fishermen draw in their catch, is a memory that will make you smile for years.

The city of Legends, Remnants and Antiquity, Athens

We’ve all heard of Ancient Greece at one time in our lives; an intriguing city that was home to many remarkable figures throughout history. The fantastic part of Athens is that it has guarded that part of its story, cherished and preserved it until today. It is one of the oldest cities in existence and offers a lot of discoveries to those who visit. The city is known for having many luxurious resorts with relaxing spas in Athens Greece.

The most prominent legends of Athens must include Homer’s and his famous masterpieces of mythology. The goddess of peace and prosperity, Athena, overseer of Athens, was probably the most appealing figure of mythology; amidst all the other cruel and manipulating gods, she kept an image of purity, and closeness to heroes.

The Parthenon, a glorious remnant of the past, was constructed on the rock of the Acropolis, rising 500 meters above sea level in honor of Athena. This astonishing historical monument, in spite of having undergone a myriad of hardships, from wars, to catastrophes, has nonetheless endured and still presents a unique perspective of Greece’s past.

A distinguished landmark is the Academy of Athens, which was built in ancient Greek Style, although it is relatively new, dating back to 1885. One could mistake it for a mythological temple, by its protection of two seated statues of Plato and Socrates, and two thin pillars where statues of Athena and Apollo are located.

Another noticeable sight is the Temple of Hephaestus, the best preserved ancient Greek temple. This temple has undergone many twists in its history. First built in honor to Hephaestus, patron god of craftsmanship, it was then transformed in the 7th century into the church of St. George Akamates. In 1834 it served as a burial site for Greek historical figures that died in Greece’s war of independence.  It was then changed by King Otto into a museum, before closing in 1934 when it again became a national monument.

Undoubtedly, car rental in Athens Greece aids visitors in touring the city. There are more theatrical stages in Athens than anywhere else in the world. Over 140 still operate today, such as the famous Herodes Atticus Theatre. This stone theatre is located close to the Acropolis and dates back to 161 A.D – it is home to the Athens Festival which is held every year and lasts from May to October; is also hosts theatrical, musical and cultural events.

Accommodation in Athens Greece includes many luxurious resorts, augmented by the 2004 Olympic Games. A very well located and moderately priced hotel is the Astor Hotel Athens Greece. It is close to the Acropolis, being only 5 minutes away, and close to other historical sites in the city.,  Rates start at 72€. The prestigious Hotel Grande Bretagne is one of the most luxurious hotels in Athens Greece, which provide extraordinary views of historical settings, and large, fancy rooms. Prices start at 299€.

It is true that mentioning Greece forces one’s mind back into bygone times, but Athens is also a thriving modern city with an eye on the future. Athens Planetarium is a good example of this modernism. The best equipped Planetarium in the world, it promises to transport its visitors far out into space, where time has no place…