Charming Cretan Culture

With its famous mythology of minotours and labyrinths, Crete is one of those islands that has a history shrouded in mystery and intrigue – and is one destination that can turn even the most dedicated sun worshipper into a culture vulture.

Taking a holiday to Crete with Thomas Cook can create many wonderful and long-lasting memories. You could spend the entire time lying on the beach, but first you need to decide which beach. Choose from any one of the scores of popular sandy beaches that are within easy reach of everything you could need. There are also numerous pebbled beaches and hidden little coves which are ideal for those looking for more secluded relaxation. High cliffs add to the dramatic scenery while the crystal clear sea – which mirrors the endless blue sky – finishes off the perfect picture.

Cretan Culture

Moving up from the beaches are the wonderful towns that provide typical Greek hospitality and of course, great food. Traditional tavernas provide the catch of the day and delicious local produce that really will treat your tastebuds. There are plenty of bars which offer daytime refreshments and a great place to spend time catching up with friends and families, and in the evening turn into great night spots complete with live music and a bouncing party atmosphere.

If you fancy getting out and about, there are plenty of tours available during the day. You can visit neighbouring towns and discover more about the ancient island and its captivating mythology or hop on a boat and sail over the sparkling waves.

With a whole load of sporting activities on standby, the days can be pretty full, but one thing that should never be missed is an early morning walk along the beach. Whether you’re up with the larks or just on your way to bed, strolling along the beach as the sun comes up, watching fishermen draw in their catch, is a memory that will make you smile for years.