Thomas Cook Releases Mobile Travel Agent (2020)

UK’s leading travel agency, recently launched into a new venture that is supposed to make your holiday selection easier, by sending you all the information of your chosen destination straight back to you in under an hour. Since the service isn’t automated and you are answered by living, breathing humans that are prone to mistakes, we decided to test the efficiency and usability by sending them two destinations and one general description.Brand-Twitter-TCOffers-Feature-730x328

Thomas Cook created the Twitter account that allows you to tweet their “Holidays’ to Go!” to find insider info and holiday deals. We didn’t think that a global system would respond back to me but by sending @TCOffers a request for the following criteria: beach…wine…volcano (sounds like a strange combination but we wanted to push it to the max and see what it kicked out) and later in the day, we received three separate holiday ideas to choose from including the Japanese Islands and Lanzarote.

The next destination we sent was: Greek Islands. Short and sweet with little description for them to go on. We waited about ten minutes and received a list of deals, including flights to Zante (Zakynthos) and family deals for Crete.

Lastly, we sent them: Greenland. Although this request took a little longer than usual (about 20 minutes), the Thomas Cook elves working behind the scenes of @TCOffers, sent back a number of Cruises available to Greenland and Iceland with images of what we could expect. The staterooms looked gorgeous with an on-board Persion garden and they promise relaxation as soon as you step on board.

Ok, so it outlined everything we needed. And if you’re someone who hates wading through pages and pages of resort information, hotel packages, “how to” and “things to do” articles, then this Twitter account is like having a travel agent in your pocket.