Berlin, Germany – where a wall fell and liberty arose

Travel to Berlin, Germany, is a formidable opportunity to uncover intriguing sight in a city filled with historical importance. The wonders of Berlin are plentiful and because there are so many interesting places to visit, it is a perfect vacation spot for everyone. Berlin went through many difficulties and changes in recent years and the population gained freedom, at the price of blood, to be able to enjoy an environment today that people all over the world come to visit.

Berlin is a World City because of its culture, media, science and political impact on the world.  The overall moderate climate of the city incites travelers from many countries to come for a pleasant sojourn. Many significant business events occur in the International Congress Centrum where businessmen gather from around the globe.

Sometimes unmentioned, the city’s nightlife is also very lively and offers a great diversity of possibilities. Renowned techno nightclubs can be found in Berlin which include, among many others, the Berghain and the KitKatClub. Festivals take place frequently and are quite spectacular in nature enticing many visitors. The Karneval Der Kulturen is one of these – this carnival hosts parading artists from multiple ethnic groups, every year on Pentecost weekend.

The Zoological Garden, an enjoyable distraction in Berlin has the most varied amounts of different species that can be seen in any zoo on earth. The Botanical Garden of Berlin is also considered one of the greatest gardens in the world. Grandeur and outstanding events are abounding in Berlin.

Museums and art galleries don’t escape this rule. The Museum Island is the perfect example as it is an island internationally famous for the five museums that are located there; the Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum and finally the Pergamon Museum. This museum complex is so world important that it was classed as a World Heritage by the UNESCO, making it one of the exceptional attractions in Berlin Germany each of which is unique and full of wonder.

Transportation isn’t difficult in the city as the transport infrastructure was created to provide diverse ways to reach different locations. Car rental in Berlin Germany is a possible alternative for easy access to different spots in the city itself or for sights surrounding the city. Cheap flights to Berlin can be found from most destinations. For instance, a budget flight from London costs about £61 ($98).  A ticket from New York can be found at approximately $550, but it is possible to find fares starting at $300 when promos are available through flight agencies.

Berlin Germany Hotels offer all sorts of price and accommodation options. Cheap hotels are generally in the outskirts of town. The Winter’s Hotel Berlin City Messe is located close to the capital and proposes incredible rates starting at 29€ ($39). The luxurious Hotel Adlon Kempiski Berlin insures convenience and comfortable nights in the heart of the city, with rates which start at 264€ ($363).

Formed in a perfect alliance of historical monuments and modern attractions, Berlin never ceases to surprise visitors. There is so much to say about the city’s sight-seeing tours, that only a visit can truly satisfy one’s curiosity – come and see for yourself how great Berlin is.