The Ultimate Guide Island’s Attractions : For Nobs

Are you hunting for THE beach to go to in Australia? Well, there’s fortunately no right or wrong answer as there’s many on the list. We’re sure this spot will make it to your list if it’s not on it already. So here’s the low down on the world’s largest sand island, one of Australia’s most beautiful slices of paradise, and you’re next island getaway location, Fraser Island.

Miles of Beaches and Bubble Poolsimperial-boat-house-beach
When we mentioned that this was the world’s largest sand island, we really meant big. The 75 mile beach isn’t just a name, but it’s really how long and expansive this beach is! The length of the beach is astonishing, but it’s probably going to be the beauty that sweeps you away. Miles of colorful sand can be seen, from pristine white to various oranges, tans, and yellows. The water is simply  gorgeous and just enticing you to swim. Once you get here, I’m sure you’re going to want to run to the water, but just take a look around and see if anyone else is swimming. Chances are, most are just looking… looking at the tiger sharks floating around the shallow waters.

Don’t think you will be stuck with nowhere to cool down though, just stroll a few minutes over to the “Champagne Pools” and there you will find your relief from the sun in the beautiful blue ocean water. The ocean crashes on rocks forming a pool behind them, and creating a perfect swimming area.

This lake is full of rainwater, not underground water, making it freshwater and a unique addition to this marvelous slice of sand in the sea. Pure white sand, blue and green water, and the magical sunrises make this spot a popular draw for the island. If you’re a camper, this is a fantastic spot to set up with facilities nearby.

Exploring the Depths
When you think of some of the most amazing things in our ocean, the Great Barrier Reef has got to come to mind. So to really enjoy your time here, Fraser Island tours has got to be on your list of things to do. Set off from many major coastal cities, and experience a magical time discovering the depths of the ocean. Divers and snorkelers are all welcomed. Sea turtles, vibrant coral, lagoons, hidden islands, and more. If you’re not the water-friendly type, glass bottom boat rides and submarine tours are your answer. Either way, you can’t leave without seeing the Great Barrier Reef.

Get Me Around
How do you get around Fraser Island being that it’s all sandy and really big? Well, walking around for one thing will be great. Your two feet can take you to many perfect little hideout spots to relax and enjoy the sun. To really get around, you’ve got to drive a four-wheel drive, and Sunset Safaris can help get you coasting along. A tip you’ll get from the locals is to avoid driving during high tide.

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