Explorer The Real Places Easter in Italy: Lake Garda

The idyllic marine sanctuary that is Lake Garda is one of the most popular destinations for tourists wanting to relax in incredible natural surroundings. Situated between the Alps and the Po valley, this area is home to a number of fabulous lakes. The Garda coast boasts more than 30 miles of beach, medieval villages and hamlets, historic architectural sites of interest and more wildlife than you could shake a stick at.

Lake Garda Italy
Lake Garda Italy

March is the low season in Lake Garda, meaning you can enjoy your holiday in peace and at a cheaper cost. Whilst the water may not be bathing temperature there is a lot to make the most of, from the incredible food to the fabulous sights and spas found around Lake Garda.


Being a haven of natural beauty, there is an abundance of things to see and do. There are a number of national parks and botanical gardens that you can visit as well as picturesque islands to explore. Where to visit vastly depends on where you’re staying so be sure to speak with the staff at your hotel to find out the most about local attractions.

One place you simply must visit is Bellagio on Lake Como. Often referred to as the most beautiful town in Italy, this small town of cobbled streets is rich with lime trees, promenades, wonderful restaurants and breathtaking views.

If you’re after a resort holiday, head to the south of Lake Garda near Sirmione for the ultimate luxury experience.

Sport fanatics

To call Lake Garda a sporting paradise would be an understatement. The lakes make an incredible backdrop for participating in all kinds of sport, from mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, paragliding, jet skiing, windsurfing, tennis, sailing and, believe it or not, skiing. Which activities are available will largely depend on the weather, so be sure to investigate before travelling.

The Dolomite Mountains are great for skiing during the winter months and offer incredible views of Lake Garda. If you’re a ski fanatic this opportunity shouldn’t be passed up.

For the kids

While a relaxing holiday may be on the cards, the kids will no doubt want some high-octane entertainment to keep them interested. There are a number of theme parks you can take young travellers to, the most notable being the originally-titled Gardaland.

Getting there

Getting to Lake Garda is probably one of the most difficult things about the holiday. Flying directly there isn’t possible, so you’ll have to fly to one of the six airports that serve the lakes. Train holidays to Lake Garda offer the best experience, as you can travel in luxury as you make your way through France and Italy.

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