Exploring Tiny House Communities – See if the Lifestyle Fits You

Are you interested in a tiny house? Do you know if the lifestyle is going to fit for you? Is there even a place you can park, when you are out traveling? Loads of questions are being asked by people considering going tiny, with plenty of confusing answers and sometimes myths.

If you want to see if the lifestyle fits you and your family—check out one of the eleven Tiny House Communities. Hey, why not check out all eleven, while you are at it. Many of the communities offer full time homeowners a place to park, as well as vacation rentals. Lyons, Colorado is just one community where you can rent a tiny home, determine if you will love it, and start your tiny living.

Opportunity Village and Emerald Village – Eugene, Oregon

Emerald Village
Emerald Village Eugene, Oregon

Oregon has offered a collaboration of housed and unhoused options for a self-managed, self- governed tiny house village. Safe housing is provided for those in transition, as well as more permanent living options. Emerald Village is meant to be a model for affordable, long-term tiny house living.

Quixote Village – Olympia, Washington

Quixote Village
Quixote Village Olympia, Washington

This location was once a tent camp location for homeless individuals. Today there are 30 tiny houses, common space with showers, and a community garden.

Washington D.C. Boneyard Studios

Washington D.C. Boneyard Studios
Washington D.C. Boneyard Studios

You probably didn’t think the capitol was actually on board with tiny house living. However, Boneyard Studios will certainly change your mind about that. This tiny house village is a demonstration of how urban living can be tiny in size, but perfect for your needs. The community will support tiny house builders, the benefits of tiny house living, and help model what tiny house communities can become in the near future.

Community First Village – Austin, Texas

Community First Village
Community First Village  – Austin, Texas

The village is still in its inception, but already 27 acres have been provided for a tiny house community. Tiny houses, RVs, mobile homes, and other tiny living options will be available in this community at an affordable, sustainable price. The focus is on helping disabled and homeless individuals in Austin and nearby areas, find a place to live.

Tiny House Village – Sonoma, California

Tiny House Village:
Tiny House Village – Sonoma, California

Sonoma’s tiny village is also still in the planning stages, according to the main website, but there are plenty behind the movement. Jay Shafer, who founded Four Lights Tiny House Company, is working to zone a village as an RV park, but also a Coop location, where there will be a community garden, water, and other shared common spaces. Spaces will rent for at least $425 per month.

Tiny House Village – San Francisco, California

Tiny House Village, San Francisco
Tiny House Village, San Francisco

Chelsea Rustrum is behind the creation of the San Francisco location. While, it is still in the planning stages, the village is meant to offer Wi-Fi for those who wish to be connected, as well as a place to be in the tiny house loop, with a community of other tiny house enthusiasts.

Micro Communities – Portland, Oregon

Micro Communities - Portland, Oregon
Micro Communities – Portland, Oregon

TechDwell is a part of the Micro Communities planning. Portland has approved of the plan to offer affordable housing to the workable poor. Other locations include Dignity Village in Portland, Second Wind in Ithaca NY, and Occupy Madison in Madison WI.