Mauritius – The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination?

Once you get engaged, it’s not long until you start thinking about where you want to get married, and then where you both want to go on honeymoon. Some people already have an idea of where they want to go, taking inspiration on their ultimate honeymoon destination from the movies, recommendation from a friend or even just a destination they have simply always wanted to visit.

For those who have no idea, or even for those who think they do, it’s important to do some research. Not just about hotels and the nitty gritty detail, but about the actual type of honeymoon you want to go on. A luxurious flop on the beach for two weeks might be an idea of heaven for you, but for your partner, it may be their idea of hell.

It is not the aim here to talk about every option you could take, and give recommendations for each type; that would simply take too long. Instead, I want to talk about a destination that has everything, and will be in the all-time top 10 destinations for your honeymoon. For me it’s the ultimate destination as it combines everything you need from your holiday to make it romantic. The destination is Mauritius.

As Mark Twain once pointed out, “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Personally I would defy anyone to disagree with him after visiting this mesmerizing island nestled away in the Indian Ocean.

Turquoise Holidays Mauritius Luxury Holiday

But what makes it so special? Well, for anyone who loves crystal clear waters, white sparkling beaches and some of the most friendly people you will find anywhere in the world, you have your answer. However Mauritius is so much more than just that. The island is ringed by the world’s longest unbroken coral reef, which for divers and snorkelers is the reason Mauritius is a paradise in itself. For others it’s the fantastic cuisine on offer, ranging from Indian to Chinese covering a whole lot more in between.

If you are keen on visiting, the next choice you need to make is which of the 100+ super swish hotels you would like to visit. There are two standout resorts in my view which always come top of the list of recommendations; The Oberoi and The Residence.

The Oberoi is one of most exquisite hotels known to man, let alone in Mauritius. Located on the Northwest coast of the island and set amongst 20 acres of mature tropical gardens, it combines one of the most sublime stretches of sand with the magical setting of Turtle Bay. Despite its five star status, it still manages to feel relaxed. You will not feel out of place eating your tuna wasabi salad in flip flops and flimsy kaftan, and you will be hard pushed to see a shirt and tie in sight. The accommodation is nothing short of pure luxury but what else would you expect? Your own large four poster bed, outdoor bathroom with sunken tub and other touches complete the overall feel that you are at a resort like no other.

Turquoise Holidays Oberoi Mauritius

The Residence, which is situated on the islands east coast, is ideal for couples looking for something a bit less relaxed and more formal, with the level of service being something you will struggle to comprehened. Each guest is assigned their own butler for example, and whilst the guilt nags at you initially, you soon learn to make the most of it before you get back home and into your normal routine. The hotel feels like something from a different era having been based on a turn of the century plantation house; however the standard of the accommodation and quality of the food on offer is nothing short of what would be delivered to a King or Queen.

If both hotels sound too good to pick between, then don’t. Take a week at each one and leave the tough decisions for your wedding as there will be plenty to make there when pulling together your guest list. If you’re still not convinced about Mauritius being the right island escape for you, then don’t just take my word for it, read about the many celebrities and rock stars who visit the island for its secluded luxury and promises of a holiday like no other.

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