The Ultimate Guide Port El Kantaoui – a Moorish Resort

Specifically built to cater for the tourist market, Port El Kantaoui is one of Tunisia’s best destinations for summer sun, and makes for a fantastic holiday any time of the year. Things here are wonderfully familiar too, but it is all with a sense of the exotic, helped in no small part by the very clear Moorish influence.
The first thing to remark upon with Port El Kantaoui is its wonderful setting, located with a vast swathe of golden sand that beckons the beach lover. The hotels too are stunning here, offering up a style and chicness that belies the affordability. It is luxury on a budget in many regards, and the hospitality of the locals and Co-op Travel staff simply makes this feeling even more obvious.

Perhaps the highlight of Port El Kantaoui is its marina though, which has a wonderful collection of restaurants, bars and little shops to enjoy. There is also a traditional hairdresser here, which will happily give you any style you desire for less than the cost of a couple of coffees.

Talking of coffee, it is also not uncommon to be beckoned into one of the marina shops with the promise of Tunisian coffee or mint tea. To we unsuspecting Brits of course, this could mean a commitment to buy, but here in Port El Kantaoui, it is not the case. Simply accepting the drink and taking a browse will not mean you have to buy, though the sales technique is certainly worth enjoying.

The marina is also great for families, and this is certainly the case with the excellent value Pirate Ship, which hosts different meal times through the day. A great fun menu is always offered, along with well-priced local and brand name drinks. It is all about the adventure on the high seas, delivered perfectly by fun staff, and all without leaving the calming waters of the marina.

For something altogether a little more adventurous though, it is easy to get involved in a host of watersports in Port El Kantaoui. From taking a catamaran into deep waters, or kayaking in the shallows, there is something for everyone.

Further afield, but only slightly, Port El Kantaoui is also a great base for checking out one of Tunisia’s premier tourist attractions at Sousse. A wonderful bazaar awaits here, where you can put your haggling skills to the test. With attractions at Dougga also easily accessible, Port El Kantaoui is a great base to explore this wonderful part of northern Africa.

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